I’m a UX Consultant with over 15 years industry experience in all forms of website management. I hold a Google Analytics individual qualification and have a user-centric analytical approach to design and development.

In 2017 I wrote a book on using analytics to help in the UX process.

I combine qualitative and quantitative research to get a rounded picture of user experience. This often means looking at website analytics data, such as Google Analytics, alongside user testing and research.

I have five years’ experience in user research and testing for a variety of different clients. Over the past few years I’ve facilitated user testing with a wide range of different people, from teenagers to pensioners, dress-makers to body builders(!) so I’m comfortable facilitating testing for any group of people.

I have been using Google Analytics for around seven years now and have reported on well over 50 sites since then. I’ve worked with a diverse range of sites, including some which receive over a million visits a month. I hold a Google Analytics Individual Qualification and offer analytics training and consultancy.

If you have an interesting UX project, want to know more about how people are using your website, or need some Google Analytics training or consultancy then get in touch to find out how we can work together.

As well as the book on analytics for UX I’ve also written ebooks on Accessibility and eCommerce.

For more details on my work check out the portfolio page of this site.

Contact me with any questions or find out about my UX services or Google Analytics training.