Researching UX: Analytics

Back in 2018 I wrote a book for Sitepoint on using analytics to inform your UX decisions. The book is available from SitepointAmazonO’Reilly and The Telegraph.

Researching UX: Analytics is available in print and digital versions.

What the book is about

Good UX is based on evidence; qualitative evidence, such as user testing and field research, can only get you so far.

What you need is quantitative evidence: analytics. This book will show you, step-by-step, how you can use website and app analytics data to inform design choices and definitively improve user experience.

Who it’s for

The book is written primarily for people who work in UX. The main audience is UX designers and researchers however, it should be of interest to anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of how people use their websites, and who those people are. The content of the book is really accessible. It doesn’t assume any prior knowledge of website analytics so it’s suitable for regular users of analytics package who want to know how it applies to their audience as well as those who are new to analytics. Amongst other things readers can learn where analytics sits in the UX process, how to use analytics to find potential areas for improvement and how to measure website changes.

Photo from the book launch – credit Clive Andrews

If you want to know more..

Please get in touch if you want to know more about the book, or would like to discuss my training or consultancy services.

What people have said

Fantastic book. Good introduction to analytics, then gets into the nitty gritty of how to shine a light on UX problems – perfect for UXers like me who aren’t ‘data people’.

Analytics as a tool to improve UX, what a great approach! A great introduction to Analytics too!
Alexander Ioannidis-Austin

I really enjoyed the approach and description. Conveying these concepts to clients just became easier. Thanks!
Roger Whitson

I’m a front-end developer with some UX background. I knew that analytics are key for UX improvement, and this book just confirms that. Great explanations. Highly recommended for UX analytics new comers.
Wassim Mansouri

Loved the way it is written. Information in the book is very well organized. I learned a lots of insights to improve the UX and I will be implementing those in my ongoing projects.

The book is a very thorough guide to using analytics to objectively improve your UX to reach the underlying business goals of your project and increase your users happiness. I loved that the author clearly explained everything and organized each chapter well.
Adam Rasheed

Researching UX: Analytics is a good compilation of topics ranging from the very basic need to use Analytics, the different types and tools available, and the checklist provided a nice way to get things set up. Jumping into Analytics, the analysis and explanation given are very clear and detailed and this book is recommended for people who want to get more insights into the Analytics world.
Praveen Kumar

As a UX designer who mostly does qualitative research this book has proved super useful in helping me brush up on my quantitative analytics knowledge. This book’s huge value lies in being richly packed with information you can apply immediately and with confidence to your work. Don’t be deceived by this slim volume. It doesn’t waste your time with unnecessary padding like many work related books. I think this book will equally be indispensable to UX designers new to analytics, as well as one to give to senior management to remind them of the often untapped valuable customer insights readily available from their website data.
Chris H