Open to speaking opportunities

I’ve spoken at several events and conferences across Europe on a range of UX, CRO and marketing subjects.

Speaking at inOrbit, May 2022
Speaking at inOrbit, May 2022

Events and conferences that I have spoken at:

  • UX Camp Europe
  • Brighton SEO
  • Design Club
  • UX Brighton
  • UX Camp Brighton 
  • Brighton CRO
  • Measurefest
  • UXup
  • isbi Schools Marketing & Admissions
  • EMC Digital
  • Know Your Audience
  • InOrbit

As well as speaking at conferences I’ve also run workshops and training sessions for UXers and marketers from different sectors.

I love to share the experience and knowledge that I’ve gained during my years work in UX.

If you think that I’d be a good addition to your speaking line-up, or you’re looking for someone to run workshops or training at your conference then please get in touch,