A day-long workshop on how to use your analytics data to inform your UX decisions.

Ever wanted to use more quantitate data to inform or validate your user research? How about getting quantitative measures on the impact to user behaviour, due to design changes? This course is aimed at UXers who want to make a significant and measurable impact on their work. 

I’ll discuss your requirements with you before delivering the course in order to make sure that it’s relevant for what you need.

Venue: Currently In-person or remote, read about my remote training
Cost: Dependent on requirements
More information: Get in touch with your requirements

As well as bespoke courses I also run occasional public courses. Register your interest to be kept updated on those.

About the workshop

The course will focus on Google Analytics but will also touch upon other analytics packages and techniques. We’ll look at analytics from a UX perspective highlighting practical uses and helping to demystify the data.

Google Analytics can be a difficult beast to tame. There are over 500 different default reports, not to mention an almost unlimited amount of custom reporting options. It’s not a tool that’s easy to pick up without some guidance and that’s where this workshop will help. The workshop will focus on which reports to ignore, as well as those that are worth focusing on. 

Knowledge of analytics will help to make you a better UXer because you’ll be able to:

  • Back-up your discussions with data
  • Quickly get a big picture of what’s going on with your products
  • Help your team understand what’s actually going on
  • Find out which areas of your product need work
  • Decide where to focus qualitative research
  • Use analytics as a starting point for your user research
  • Setup benchmarks for service/product success
  • Measure and report on design changes in an unbiased manner
  • Run A/B tests quantitatively measure the impact of your work
  • Ultimately guide your company to better decisions

If there are specific things you’d like to see covered in the workshop, or you have any questions please email me.

The course is limited to a maximum of ten participants, so you’ll get plenty of opportunity to ask questions and get specific advice for your needs.

Specific activities & outcomes

Analytics for UX workshop

You’ll learn how to:

  • Discover device specific issues
  • See how people interact with elements on a page
  • Find out where the problems are in your site
    • Group content to see which sections or page types need work
    • Identify interaction issues
    • Evaluate your architecture and search function
  • Analyse user journeys in order to quickly see how people navigate through your website
  • Set up funnels to track how well your design is working for specific user goals/tasks
  • Find ways to increase conversions
  • Create persona based segments to see what your customers are up to
  • Choose the best tool. for measuring KPIs
  • Customise Google Analytics to show the most relevant data, using dashboards and custom reports
  • Avoid bias in quantitative reporting
  • Run and analyse A/B tests to measure your UX changes

Who is this for?

All UX professionals who would like to use  data more effectively to drive smarter decisions. I’ve tailored the workshop to:

  • Visual designers
  • Product owners
  • Copywriters
  • Content strategists
  • UX designers
  • Interface designers
  • Interaction designers 
  • Managers
  • Researchers

Not sure if this workshop is right for you? Please get in touch and we can discuss your particular needs.

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About Me

This workshop is being run by UX Consultant and analytics specialist Luke Hay. During the past 15 years in the industry Luke has done plenty of qualitative user research for a wide range of clients but is also an expert in analytics. 

Luke has:

  • been using Google Analytics for 10+ years
  • trained a wide-range of people on how to get the most from Google Analytics
  • analysed over 100 different websites
  • used analytics to inform major design changes

Luke currently works part time as the User Research director at Fresh Egg and spends the rest of his time offering user research and analytics consultancy. 


“The pace was really good, the day was packed full of useful tips and it was nice to go home feeling like I’d learnt loads but not feeling exhausted.” 

—Martyn McDermott, UX Designer

“The workshop and activities were well devised and easy to follow. Luke used relevant and realistic examples to illustrate points.” 

—Rachel Smith, User Experience Lead

“Luke’s training gave me a very solid and clear grounding in how to work with Google Analytics – his process is very methodical and helpful” 

—Ellen de Vries, Freelance Content Strategist

“Luke provided clear and structured training, taking the team from novices to competent Google Analytics users in a short space of time” 

—Laura Bevans, Wired Sussex

“We found the Google Analytics training session really useful and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Luke’s services to our clients” 

—Stuart Bellis, Code 7

“Thanks again for the excellent workshop. As a now former and rather ashamedly absolute novice, that was exactly what I needed.”

—Michael Dravnieks, UX Consultant

“Luke clearly explained the basics of Google Analytics and helped us to understand some more technical aspects that we were able to apply to our business to track user journeys. We were very impressed with Luke’s knowledge as well as his calm delivery.“

—Victoria Clowe, The Pensions Regulator

“This was a great course that started with the basics and built onto increasing your knowledge. Having a small group is great so you can be more interactive and get individual attention.

Natalie Wilcox, Groupon