UX Services

I offer a range of User Experience related services to help improve your website. The projects I undertake generally have one or more of the following objectives.
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  • Increase website conversion rates
  • Increase average order values
  • Maximise return on investment
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Gain a better understanding of your users

I achieve these goals by focusing on understanding your users and implementing conversion rate optimisation techniques. Please have a read of the services that I offer below and if you have a project that you think I can help with please get in in touch.

Background Research

I collect, review and analyse data from multiple sources to build a clear picture of your current position and identify opportunities to move forward. This involves in-depth analysis is supported by industry-leading tools and helps you make business-changing decisions through hard data and insights, reducing risk and maximising the chance of success.

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Market Research – Using social media analysis tools allow me to research and monitor your audience and identify key insights around their online behaviour.

Industry Research – Auditing the industry as a whole can help spot key signals and trends outside of your micro-environment. I collect secondary research from digital sources to understand and develop industry knowledge and opportunities.

Competitor Analysis – Understanding what your competitors are doing can help develop your ideas and identify potential opportunities. I can conduct an in-depth audit of your competitors to help identify areas of opportunity.

Analytics Audit – As an experienced Google Analytics expert I will dig deep into your site’s analytics to identify key opportunities and weaknesses, as well as any tracking issues and drop-offs during the journey to the end goals.

Heuristic Review – I can provide a full review of your website usability, user experience and conversion funnels. This review will help identify key problem areas within your site and create the foundation for the research process.

Accessibility Review – Accessibility is not only about making sure your website works for people with disabilities, it is also about ensuring your site offers an enjoyable experience for as many people as possible. This review will help to create an accessible and compliant website for all your users.


User Testing Process

As a specialist conversion specialist, I believe user testing is vital to gain a clear understanding of your audience’s buying behaviour. I have access to tools and software that can help improve your understanding of how users interact with your website. This, combined with an impartial testing process, allows me to uncover the full picture of how people are using your website.

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Surveys – Collecting quantitative data can help you gain insights into your market or brand. I can set up a survey which allows you ask the right questions and gain unbiased results to guide your decisions.

Interviews – One-to-one discussions with your stakeholders, can help you gain insights into their requirements and how your website can be improved to maximise the user experience, without bias.

User Testing – I use a variety of user testing processes, both online and offline, to give you a wealth of feedback on your website’s usability. I am able to run tests on any almost device, including desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Focus Groups – The insight gained from a focus group can be vital when developing a web­site or application. I will facilitate group sessions to better understand the needs and requirements of your target audience.

Video Sessions – Using recording technology allows you to see the user testing session in full or just the highlights. I am able to capture both screen and sound, so you can see mouse movements and hear the users’ comments.


Implementing Solutions

Research and testing will build on your knowledge of your audience and their requirements. However, correctly defining and solving the identified problems is what really makes the difference. I can offer design and structural recommendations to solve problems, increase revenue, and improve customer satisfaction.

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Information Architecture – Information architecture is about organising the content on your site to match the tasks your users want to perform. Getting it wrong will leave users frustrated. Getting it right will improve customer satisfaction, return visits and conversions.

Persona Development – Understanding your users and what makes them unique allows you to target your website and marketing more effectively. Creating clear personas of different user types will help develop a unique user experience for different audience groups.

Customer Journey Mapping – Customer journey mapping is integral for any website. I can help you identify the issues faced by your users at different touchpoints of your site, and provide recommendations to improve their journey.

Tone of Voice & Style Guidelines – A tone of voice and style guideline will help you integrate your value propositions throughout your website and communicate your brand’s message in a way that resonates with your audience.

Interactive Wireframes -Visually representing your website doesn’t require a full blown design. Interactive wireframes will show you the ideal structure and recommendations based on our research.


Conversion Optimisation

I offer a range of ongoing conversion optimisation services that focus on increasing your online revenue and improving the return on investment from your marketing effort.

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Strategic Consultancy & Planning – After completing the research and insight phase means that I am perfectly placed to offer ongoing strategic consultancy around your objectives. I can highlight areas that can be improved, assisting your designers to maximise your return on investment through implementation.

Conversion Rate Optimisation – My A/B and multivariate testing process means the conversion improvements do not end when the site is live. I use data analysis and customer insight to create hypothesis-led tests that will find design solutions that help improve your conversions rates and average order values.

Advanced Analytics – Using a range of advanced analytics tools I can run ongoing analysis on specific areas of your website. This could be using form analytics to improve completion rates or scroll analytics to see how much of your content people are actually reading.

E-commerce Optimisation – My specialist approach to e-commerce will offer insights, conversion testing and personalisation. My services can help reduce cart abandonment rates, increase conversion rates for desktop, tablet and mobile, increase average order values, streamline the checkout process, and simplify customer journeys.

Website Personalisation – Working with a third party personalisation tool I can help personalise your site for your personas. Personalisation offers a dual benefit of maximising conversions and customer satisfaction. The user segmentation processes and bespoke personalisation tool offers you a cutting edge method for achieving personalisation.