UX for Marketers

Post By Luke ~ 1st September 2017

UX for Marketers

It’s been a long time since my last blog post, about four months in fact. I’ve been busy which has made it increasingly hard to find the time to write anything. Also, since finishing the book off it’s been good to do more ‘non-writing’ work. Most recently I’ve been developing a workshop for Brighton SEO which is around teaching marketers about UX.

It all started off a couple of months back when I met with Brighton SEO founder Kelvin Newman to talk about running a workshop at his event. Brighton SEO is now, I believe, the biggest SEO conference in the UK. This is made even more impressive by the fact that the first event took place upstairs in a small pub in Brighton. I was there for the second event, which had around 50 attendees but now it’s a full-blown conference which takes place at the Brighton Centre and has several thousand people in attendance. Anyway, I discussed a few ideas with Kelvin and we settled on a workshop title of UX for Marketers.

Since then I’ve been thinking about the content of the workshop a lot. It’s been great to question everything about my understanding of UX, and how that applies to people who work in SEO and marketing. After playing about with a few different ideas the structure looks something like this:

Workshop agenda

  • Standard intro stuff
  • A design exercise to establish a good mind-set for the day
  • The benefits of UX
  • What UX and what it isn’t (i.e. it’s more than a ‘process’, it’s not UI etc.)
  • Measuring UX
  • The difference between UX and CRO
  • Working with UXers
  • Areas of conflict (with SEO, marketing, CRO etc)
  • Pissing off your users (leading on to Dark Patterns)
  • Quantitative UX techniques
  • Qualitative UX techniques
  • A couple of exercises to try out some of the techniques
  • Dispelling some UX myths
  • UX for SEO
  • Round-up of what we’ve covered

Looking at that written down it looks like there’s a lot to cover! It’s always difficult to plan these workshops for the first time, so I hope I’ve not included too much. The main aim for the session though is to get attendees thinking more like UXers, and to encourage them to get more involved in that side of things. As search engine algorithms become more sophisticated, many believe user signals will play a greater role in search rankings. This means that an understanding of user behaviour is increasingly important for those who work in SEO.

I’m planning a very interactive session, so at the very least I hope it won’t be boring!

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