Spring event roundup

Post By Luke ~ 15th April 2017

Spring event roundup

I was pleased to be involved with two events last month after a bit of a break from speaking/organising. First up was the ever-popular UX Camp Brighton, which took place on the 25th at the Skiff. Just a few days after this was followed by Brighton CRO, which also took place at the Skiff. While I’m a bit biased(!) I really enjoyed both events and it was fun to be involved in them.

UX Camp Brighton is an ‘unconference’ for anyone involved or interested in user experience design, user research, interaction design, information architecture, usability, accessibility and other associated fields. I’ve been involed in organising UX Camp for five years now and this year’s  was up there with the best of them.

UXCB grid

Photo by Maribel Trillo

Around 100 attendees (the event sold out and there was a waiting list of about 80 names!) either ran or participated in 20 minute sessions. The great thing about UX Camps is that they’re a real leveller. There are no headline spots or big name speakers, everyone is given equal billing throughout the day.

I gave a talk on writing a book, and enjoyed several other sessions over the course of the day. Highlights for me were Rob Pearson giving tips on soft skills and Chris How taking a different approach with his session on manipulating clients (for the greater good!).

UXCB audience

Photo by Maribel Trillo

The day was finished off with the now famous UX quiz, hosted as ever by Tim Minor. This year’s quiz had a new ‘interactive’ round with contestants asked to create prototype wearable devices out of Tim’s rubbish. This was a great way to end a excellent day, and the post-quiz beers were well deserved.

Once again, huge thanks should go out to our sponsors and volunteers, and also everyone who hosted a session on the day.

Hot on the heels of UX Camp, was the fifth Brighton CRO event. Brighton CRO is fast establishing itself as one of the best CRO events outside of the big conferences. Nearly 100 tickets were sold for the latest event and I had the pleasure of speaking at it for the first time.

Brighton CRO

My talk was on how analytics can form a solid foundation for UX and CRO and it was followed by talks on personalisation and mobile optimisation. It was great to be on the same lineup as Steve Cathcart once again and to be sharing a stage with ‘optimiser of everything’ Craig Sullivan.

There’s a really nice relaxed atmosphere at Brighton CRO events, no doubt helped by the plentiful supply of beer and pizza. This event also took place at The Skiff, which is the perfect venue in terms of size and location.

To keep updated on the next Brighton CRO event then sign up to their, non-spammy, mailing list.

Things aren’t calming down much in terms of event organising. There’s the UX Camp Redux coming up next month and I’m also organising workshops for UX Brighton, starting with Psychology for design in a few week’s time.

Get in touch in you’ve got any questions about UX Brighton or UX Camp, or if you want to suggest some other events that I should be attending.

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